Crew jacket & last decal sheet

This is the last decal sheet silkscreened by the Paramount print shop for use on the actual model. Once the model had all its decals applied, the leftover sheets were thrown away. I saved was auctioned off for a hospital charity run by Gary Brooker in the late 90’s, one I sold on eBay to a collector in Scotland in 2005, and this is all that’s left, which I have signed and framed. Estimated value: $15,000+

The decal sheet measures 19” X 27” (48.3 cms X 68.6 cms)

The frame measures 28.5” X 40” (72.4 cms X 101.6 cms)

When I sell it, if whoever buys it lives outside the UK, then I will roll it up in a robust tube and courier it FedEx or UPS...if the buyer lives in the UK (where I am), they are welcome to have the frame as well. It’s simply an IKEA frame I put the sheet in for the purposes of the Destination Star Trek London show, and not professionally framed

I bought this pin in Covent Garden in 1979 just before the premier of the film and added it to the jacket. Only taken off once when the cotton satin jacket was dry cleaned in Studio City

While I had the opportunity, I thought I would grab Patrick Stewart’s signature...but of course it wouldn’t do to have his signature on the crew jacket of the first movie...on the OUTSIDE of the jacket, anyway....

...but as a kind of ‘Captain-in-Waiting’ if you will, I thought I would have him sign it on the inside

A kind of inverse time-travel!

Anything is possible in the future, right?

Walter Koenig’s signature on Pinks’ right breast which I obtained in Hollywood in 2004

William Shatner’s signature at the top, then George Takei, myself, Mark Stetson, and Richard Taylor.

Modeled by “Pinks”

Thank you for looking!

(one of my explosion paintings on the wall behind...see?  SEE!?)

Ron Gress’ signature and then Jim Dow’s signature on Pinks’ left breast

Doug Trumbull had 63 of these jackets made for those of us on the effects team (Entertainment Effects Group---EEG) who wanted one, and this is mine. It seems that everyone else (mostly secretaries and other crew) lost theirs over time...though Mark Stetson’s wife gave his away to a fan by mistake!

crew jacket


These beautifully crafted fine art prints of the last decal sheet I saved that was silkscreened by the Paramount sign shop in 1979 for the Enterprise model will make a truly unique and spectacular addition to your collection of Star Trek memorabilia. Or a treasured gift for someone very special! Printed on the finest heavy silk photo print paper with lightfast inks tested to keep true colors in normal indoor light for at least 75 years.

This is a limited edition of 200. Each print will be signed and numbered by me. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Unsigned versions will then become available at the same price. Christmas is coming up!


+ S&H $25 confirmed delivery airmail to most countries in the world

As the the prints are sold, I will update the number and will email you with your number. First come, first served according to the PayPal listing.

The next print available is:


The scan file of your print (I have added a slight, tight drop shadow to each print, to "lift" it from the background)