The cover that started it all !!

I only noticed the “T” a few

years ago!

The best painting I’ve ever done (other than on the Enterprise of course!)

Last of the oils, painted at the house in Battersea I shared with Ron, the Aussie singer

My first airbrush painting...using Peter’s airbrush and painted at the Hollywood apartment that eventually crashed down

First Trower cover airbrushed on illustration board and last piece of art I did at the Hollywood apartment before it came crashing down

The star of the show circled in red, front and center to tease the audience

Framed photo of Barringer Crater in Arizona just below

Enthusiastic audience members handling, discussing, and photographing the meteorite

Had I known I was going to be moved to write a book as result of this phenomenal event, I would have concentrated on getting more (and better) photos

The star of the show!

The Excel Centre

Two of THE most adorable women one could meet

On the left, Martha Hackett who played Seska, and lives not far from the La Bamba house!

On the right, Robin Curtis who played Saavik...such a friendly, charming woman

The friendly, gentle family man, Andrew Robinson who played the psycho “Scorpio” in the first “Dirty Harry" film whose roof chase scene was above my last apartment in San Francisco just after I first moved to England. His character was the recipient of the first of Clint’s classic Dirty Harry lines,

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

Andrew played Elim Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Lovely guy

The very last decal (transfer) sheet of all the decals that were used on the Starship Enterprise model that I have framed and signed. I will eventually auction this off along with my jacket. Many people at the show reckoned this is worth a minimum of $15,000