“The ecstatic highs & soul-crushing lows of an artist in and out of the movie industry and THE paintjob of a lifetime. I stayed up all night to read it as soon as it arrived.

“Paul Olsen tells his story and it's a damn good read for Trek officianados and fans of what goes on behind the scenes in movieland” -- Ian J. Lawrence--Kent

“Great book! This collection of information is unique, one of a kind, and is such a breath of fresh air, I know it is going to be a huge hit in the Star Trek community. I hope to see more success for your book as time goes on, and more people become aware of it.”  -- Kimberle Andrews--Chicago

“AWESOME! This is going to ROCK! Thank you so much for writing this book!”

-- John at

“I ordered as soon as I heard about your book! We built a 1/350 a couple years back for Robert Meyer Burnett of 'Free Enterprise' fame and we COULD NOT complete the paint work on the model without the tips on your site. Your work on the studio filming model is truly unique in every way even to this day. Watching Star Trek The Motion Picture as a kid, I remember being amazed at how beautiful and how real she looked. Back then I never thought it was paint work, well at least not all of it, I honestly thought the model had actual metallic plating. She's designed beautifully but her fabulous paint scheme makes her not only the most beautiful Starship ENTERPRISE ever to hit the big screen but the most beautiful filming miniature ever built!” -- John at

"A deeply personal journey of one man's destiny to work on the famous Starship Enterprise for Star Trek-The Motion Picture."

-- Tony  Tellado  scifitalk

The expanded 2nd edition includes my trip to LA from the UK to conduct video interviews with Mark Stetson, Ron Gress, Richard Taylor (who designed the Enterprise) and Jim Dow (who built it) which are available to anyone who purchases the ebook or the printed book---more than 2 hours of fascinating, revealing interviews of all the principals.

“In ’79 when the movie came out and the ship appeared for the first time I was enamored. It looked real. From memory I had to get to the doctor to have my jaw readjusted! The only thing I would like to say is thank you for what you did on the model. It still is a metaphor for me in hard times and I can’t say what you did for that child of nine years old. I am grateful to have the opportunity to directly say that. I realize others did wonders too, but what you did was pure magic.” -- Nathan Johnson, Princess Anne, Maryland

“I’m half way through your book and it’s a wonderful read! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the Enterprise, and I’ll never forget the first color picture I saw of the finished Enterprise with your amazing paint job in our evening newspaper around August ’79. I just couldn’t believe it looked so REAL! I took that picture to school with me and my friends and I were blown away. Even watching the Star Trek movie now in blue-ray it’s amazing how realistic the ship looks. Ever since the first time I saw the Enterprise I’ve been amazed, and inspired to improve my modeling skills---what you and the team who worked on that ship achieved is something that is rare, and that is to make the model seem so real and lifelike you forget it’s a model, and suddenly it’s a real Starship on the screen. I am so glad you have your story to share with those of us who to this day are still in awe and amazement at your amazing talent. Thank you for your brilliant work, both taking the time to share your experiences with us in your book and answering all the questions from us Trek fans!” --- Jerry Barnes, Austin Texas (who purchased the first signed and numbered copy of the book...1/15)

“I guess like a million other people I've gazed wide-eyed at that amazing pearlescent paint job on the Enterprise for many, many years - I never imagined I'd ever find out who it was that painted it, let alone have email contact with him!

“I finally got time to read your book this morning, and enjoyed it very much - so fascinating to hear some of the inside story. You've inspired a great many people, including me. I'm about to embark on a building project with a 1:350 refit kit - lights, pearlescent paint job (Pearl-ex powders), the whole shebang. I'll try and be guided by your wisdom...I hope I can turn out a replica that will do some faint justice to your amazing original!” --- Graeme Cochrane, Melbourne

Hey, Paul,

I have purchased your ebook and loved it. Thank you for writing it. I'm a modeler and have always just loved your work on the TMP Enterprise. To me, the best scifi model ever with the best painting I have ever seen. I remember watching it in the theater and just mesmerized at how real she looked at a lot of that was your paint work on her.  Well, anyway I heard that you had some actual printed copies made of your book and I just had to have one so I just ordered it.  Thanks for printing it.  To me, with your autograph, it will be a cherished collectors item.  Thank you, again! -- Jerry Hedgecock, Harlingen, Texas

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the personal reply! You've heard it many times but here goes, your work on Star Trek was one of the best things about the film. The Enterprise was a major character in the story, due in large part to your efforts in giving the miniature its unique screen presence. Thanks so much for being a part of that!

Looking forward to your book and best to you,

Karl Tate---NYC

I am so excited that I can´t find words to write to you. I am from Brazil. As I can remember I have always been a huge fan of sci-fi movies and TV series and it all started with Star Trek the Motion Picture, that´s why it is so special for me. I remember that I asked my mom to take me to the movie theater to see the STTMP and when the Enterprise model appeared for the first time it was like seeing an angel, that image sure changed my life forever. 

It has always been very difficult to be a sci-fi fan here in Brazil because we never had toys, model kits or sci-fi magazines. However, through the advent of the Internet,  I could make a research and learn more about how the movies I loved so much were made. Since that, I became a huge fan of you and your work.

I have the Refit Enterprise model kit and your book will really help me a lot doing the paint job. Thank´s a lot !!!!!

Well, sorry for my poor English, I am still studying it. I just want to congratulate you for your remarkable work and let you know how it was so important for me.

Is it possible for me to buy a autographed picture of you?

Best Regards from your fan

Mauro---Sao Paulo

I can't wait to read the book. I've heard so many great things about it!

Thanks, Brett Cavin

Aka: Orbital Drydock

I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all the work you put into everything you do...well anyway, I guess people say that to you all the time; but when you have a talent like yours people should let you know how much you are appreciated. Thank you for being there.

By the way, the book is GREAT! I’m enjoying reading it very much. Thank you so much, Paul.

Michael Pfleegor, New Columbia, PA

I’m really looking forward to reading the new book. This Enterprise has been my favorite and love the detail and thought that went into it. This ship and the first Star Trek movie took this cardiac patient as a child away from medical tests and procedures. Thanks,

Michael Miller, Allentown, PA

Mr. Olsen, thanks for writing the book and making this content available for the fans. I met you at the 2012 Star Trek convention in London and really enjoyed your talk. It was so cool afterwards when you invited everyone to touch the meteorite you brought along with you. I'll definitely be purchasing your book soon. Thanks again for documenting the lost art of detailing physical cinematic models before the era of CGI. The Enterprise from Star Trek -The Motion Picture is absolutely gorgeous. Peterthegreen

Hi Paul.


I finished reading the book this morning. It was a highly entertaining read and struck a few chords as well. I still have the lime green and white Dymo labeller that I bought as a boy, and I know exactly how you felt when you lost your cat. I'm a huge cat lover and held my cat Silly as she was put to sleep, at home, lying on my chest and I was in floods of tears.

Mark Pullen---Bognor Regis UK

Dear Paul,

I just recently completed your book Creating the Enterprise, and I loved it.  As I read it I felt as if I was sitting with you over a pint as we watched ample breasted women come and go.  I have read a number of biographies and I know this book is not intended to be such, however I do feel like I have a better understanding of the person you are through your experiences.  When I got the book I have to admit I was hoping for an in depth look at your work on the Big E, but as I read it I found myself being drawn to your fascinating tales of lost loves and triumphant gains through incredible opportunity. In my career as a radio personality and other entertainment opportunities I have be blessed with meeting some incredible Actors, Musicians and Artists.  In recent years I began an internet production company that produces content strictly for online.  Naked Ape Productions is the company I founded and it now produces 2 shows 'Between The Pages: The weekly comic book and geek culture report' and 'Popcorn Lobby'.  I am premiering a new show dedicated to the art of Scale Model building called 'Amazing Plastic'.  I would love to have the opportunity to interview you via Skype if that would be possible.


Richard Cleveland---Calgary, Alberta

Hi Paul, let me first say I've admired your work on the Enterprise ever since that first viewing of TMP way back then! -- Liam Dillon, Northern Ireland

Good evening, Paul,

I am already looking forward to the book. Just learned of it today and had to buy it instantly. --- Daniel Hoffman, Siegen, Germany

I cannot wait to read your book!

--- Douglas Mappin

Hey Paul this is George. I've been continually reading your book and love it very much. --- George Wander

I love the video's on your site. Again I just wanted to say Thank You! --- Dave Paschedag, Granite City, Illinois

I just received your book and am loving the wit and adventure. Good luck on the decal couldn’t be in more capable hands. --- George Sutton, Avon Lake, Ohio

I just thought you would like to know also that our interview has hit over 20,000 views already! It was a smash and I have been receiving tons of messages from very happy fans. You knocked it outta the park kid!--- Boyd Crompton, SciFiModelAction

It’s a great book, and I highly recommend it! --- Stephen, Tucson

“Hello Paul, thank you for the beautiful work you did on the Enterprise”

Bruce Koski -- Ellicott City, Maryland