Star Trek: Creating the Enterprise.
The entertaining story of who designed, built, and painted her, by Paul Olsen (who painted her).
The new full-length ebook---exactly the same as the printed book on the right---325 entertaining pages, PLUS gains you access to the full website and to the remarkable video interviews that will only ever be made available to anyone who buys either book.
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This beautifully printed and laminated full-size book will be signed by the author and personalized to you and include an autographed copy of the photo below as well as a beautiful 5" embroidered patch to show one and all that you support Project Enterprise and have helped to recreate that magnificent Starship. PLUS, you gain EXCLUSIVE access to this website AND the EXPANDED interviews I flew to LA in 2013 and 2014 to record for will love them. P&P included anywhere in the world.
As a fan of Star Trek and a model builder of over 40 years I am still in awe at what you did with the Enterprise. I wish I had 1/4 of your talent! Jerry Beard, NJ
I'm reading your book...I couldn't put it down...on pg. 197 is INCREDIBLE!
Well it's almost 3am here and I just finished reading your book. Congratulations on a fine piece of work. Awe inspiring, entertaining, and soulful.
I just finished watching all the videos with you, Mark, Ron, Richard, and Jim. 
All I can say is WOW!
Peter Anthony, Edmonton, Alberta.
Hi Paul, Just a note to say I read your book and loved it! You have a wonderful writing style that let me feel like you were chatting with me rather than merely telling a story---Christian Ready, Westminster MD
companion site to the book
with the exception of the “Crew jacket” link and the “Destination Star Trek London 2012” link which are live.
When you purchase either book, you will receive a link that will open up the whole site, filled with great, informative photos, the whole set of interviews, and additional info to make for a complete reading experience (with some great music, too)

Crew jacket & very last decal sheet --- limited edition signed prints available!!!
Destination Star Trek London 2012

Doug Trumbull
Bob Hickson
Ed Scarisbrick
The Enterprise --- The heart of Star Trek!
Jim Dow
Mark Stetson
Paul Olsen
Peter Lloyd
Richard Taylor
Ron Gress
Tony Robinson
V’ger bits & photocomposition

Dear Paul, received your book yesterday and was so excited to open it! Thank you for packing it waterproofed and padded---that was just perfect. But wait---there's more! Inside I found not only an autographed photo but that you had autographed my copy of the book too! What a generous and kind thing for you to do. Thank so very, very much. 'Looking forward to reading it, and I must say, you are one 23rd century guy! --- Chris Nagel, Miami FLA
Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say thank you for writing your book. I had previously
purchased it in pdf format, and enjoyed it immensely. Just this
evening,  I discovered you've made it available in paperback format and
ordered it immediately!

I've been a fan of your work on the Enterprise since I was, well...10
years old.  Seeing that ship on the big screen for the first time with
your paintwork inspired a sense of awe in my young mind that has stuck
with me to this day, 34 years later.  I received the only available
Enterprise model kit for Christmas that year, and set about trying to
build my own.  I sat for hours staring at the photographs on the box
pondering how on earth I could paint all those wonderful patterns onto
my model.  Of course, back then I had no concept of pearl paints, or
airbrushes for that matter.  So, I was rather confounded.  At one point,
I even wrote a letter to Paramount asking how it was done... never did
get an answer.  So, it was several years before I could take a crack at
realistic "Aztecing" myself.

A few years ago, I tackled the newly available 1/350 Polar Lights kit. 
I made use of all the information in the "how to" section on your
website.  I made a special point to use automotive lacquers, rather than
acrylics or other hobby paints.  What you say about lacquers melting
into one another and fusing to make new colors is absolutely correct,
and a wonderful effect!  I wouldn't do it any other way.   I even masked
and sprayed each panel individually, rather than entire sections of the
model at a time as I've seen others do.  Overall, I think it all came
out rather well.

I took the ship to Wonderfest in Louisville KY in 2009, and entered it
into the model contest.  This was the first time I had ever entered a
model of any kind into any contest, and honestly wasn't expecting much. 
There were literally hundreds of other models there, all expertly
finished.  To my amazement, I took home both a gold award, and the award
for "Best Vehicle and Hardware"!  Several of my modeling friends told me
I should send some pictures to you, but I guess I just didn't have the
guts.  Plus, I figured you've probably been bugged by enough inspiring
modelers already.  I guess tonight, I'll use my book order as my excuse
for sending you a few pictures!

Very soon, I'll be gearing up to build another movie Enterprise. This
time, however, it will be a fiberglass studio scale version just like
your original.  My wife thinks I'm crazy, and says there's no place in
our house for an 8ft long starship, but I've already accumulated a
number of the sub-assemblies. and am totally committed to the
project...she'll get used to the idea :).  At any rate, I hope you don't
mind if I pop up once in a while and ask a question or two, or share a

Alright, I won't take up any more of your time.  I do very much
appreciate your reading this email and looking over my pictures. Thank
you once again, for all you've contributed both to Star Trek, and all
the other art you've created through the years.  Truly an inspiration!


Matt Davis, Granville, Ohio.


Speaking of Wonderfest, I think you would be the ideal guest.  In fact,
I even brought your name up once on their Facebook page when the
organizers were asking for guest suggestions.  I'm sure if you were to
give a talk on painting the big E, it would be standing room only!
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Dear Mr. Olsen,
I received your book in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for autographing your picture to me.  I have admired the work that you did on the Enterprise since I first saw it.  I’ve always been amazed at the detail and intricacy of the painting that you did.  When we would rent the VHS movie, I would always rewind the fly-by repeatedly and sit close to the television to see as much of the patterns and colors as I could.  I watched it on Blu-ray recently, and was stunned at how it was even more beautiful than I had realized.  It would be wonderful if you could be part of the possible restoration of the original studio model to bring it back to the state it was in after you first painted it.  And thank you for including so many pictures and videos on your website.  I have enjoyed watching them and am looking forward to reading your book.  Thank you again so much.
And may you also live long and prosper.

Michael Hekking---Bradenton FLA

Matt's Enterprise
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